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Customer Success Stories - FLIR Commercial Systems, Inc.


Overhead Power Line Monitoring

FLIR helps energy utilities ensure the safety of their power lines. With a FLIR T600 series thermography camera, and a FLIR MCS pan tilt unit, energy utilities can quickly implement a mobile monitoring system for overhead power lines.

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Automated Geo-Pointing for Mobile Applications: Harris Corporation

Harris Corporation knows how to engineer complex assured communications systems. The Harris engineering team recently faced a tight deadline and a need to automatically aim their system based on GPS positions from a mobile platform for a very important project.

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Advanced Night Vision Surveillance: VUMII

Vumii selected Directed Perception for their advanced night-vision system Discoverii. "The performance of the PTU-D300 and the PTU-D100 have exceeded our expectations and the Directed Perception team provided outstanding support during our entire development and product introduction process" - Chris Ruttle, CFO, COO.

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Automatic Launch & Recovery System (AutoLARS)

Concept Systems Inc., Control Engineering Magazine's 2007 System Integrator of the Year, utilized the PTU-D46 for a sophisticated ship-board robotics system. "...The PTU-D46 product was one of the key items in the system, and it performed perfectly." - Doug Taylor, Principal engineer, Concept Systems, Inc.

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GasFinder Monitors Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Boreal Laser's automated gas detection systems performs laser scanning using a PTU-D300. "We needed a rugged, precision pan-tilt for our flagship GasFinder product and found the PTU-D300 to be a great off-the-shelf solution."

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Automated Antenna Tracking of a Remote Controlled Minehunting Semi-submersible at Sea

When the Canadian Navy needed a precise, rugged antenna positioner to track the Dorado mine hunting vehicle at sea, they turned to the PTU-D300.

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BLAST Next Generation Intrusion Detection: SAIC

As a leading engineering and systems integration company, SAIC understands today's changing requirements for perimeter security and intrusion detection. The BLAST system is a real-time, automated, deployable advanced technology intrusion detection and response system. It is applicable to a wide range of waterfront and perimeter security applications.

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SPOTLITE Finds Snipers, Saves Lives: RAFAEL Armament Development Authority

As a leading military systems developer, RAFAEL understands that today's threats require fast, flexible solutions that can be deployed quickly and adapted to changing environments. SPOTLITE is an electro-optical system designed to pinpoint the location and sources of small arms fire and communicate the information back for immediate action.

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The Real-time Battlefield: Dragoon Technologies

In today's dynamic battlefield environment, the ability to move important information around has become as important as the ability to move troops and weapons. Video and other sensor data can be critical to the success of a campaign. But to be useful it has to be delivered to the right place at the right time.

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Automating Landmine Dectection Training

"We needed a compact, lightweight and durable unit for this tripod-mounted system and found the PTU-D46 to be a great off-the-shelf solution. The system has been in production for several years now and we have been very pleased with the performance of the product and with the service we have received from Directed Perception". -- Dan Hartman, Business Development Director, General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems"

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Keeping Watch Day and Night

B.E. Meyers' field-proven Stealth 301 Day-Night Color Camera system is a high definition integrated day/night digital system for harbor and airport long-range surveillance and perimeter control. It is designed specifically to support specialized law enforcement and surveillance vehicles needs. The Stealth 301 provides Hi-Res color day, and B/W night full auto gating images. The system includes up to 216x Power Remote Zoom and is fully weather-proof. 

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UAV Gets off the Ground!

A pan-tilt unit on the ground was outfitted with a digital video camera and high gain RF antenna to automatically track the aircraft while flying. A GPS, Gyro and magnetometer were used to provide 6-DOF position information of the pan-tilt camera position. The aircraft's position was received via telemetry and used to command the pan-tilt to aim and track in real-time.

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U.S. Army Automated Testing

The YTC's requirements called for ruggedized pan/tilt positioners to be located adjacent to weapons and launchers. The positioners are required to provide timely, automatic re-alignment of instruments requiring a particular orientation to a weapon, launcher, or expected trajectory. The positioners are also required to provide status, settings, and axis positions to the automated ballistic test system.

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TSA Improves Threat Detection at Airports

PTU-D300 used as core of QinetiQ's SPO-7R. passive millimeter wave detection sensor.

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High-Bandwidth Mobile Communications

NovaSol Corporation has used Directed Perception's PTU-D300-ISM stabilized pan-tilt unit for its Dual Mode Optical Interrogator (DMOI) for free space optical communications (FSOC) in the low atmosphere between moving platforms, using the eye-safe wavelength of 1.5um.

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Laser Rangefinder System for 3-D Construction Modeling

The University of Nebraska Lincoln's Department of Construction Management has developed a unique tool for developing 3-D construction models using a precise pan-tilt unit and laser rangefinding system.

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Spectrum Monitoring System

Alion Science and Technology has developed an electromagnetic spectrum monitoring system using Directed Perception's PTU-D300-RF model integrated into Alion's Spectrum Monitoring and Direction Finding System deployed around the world.

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Remotely Operated Pan-Tilt Zoom Camera

McQ's OmniSense is an award-winning remote surveillance platform built around the PTU-D46 model. McQ is recognized as the leader in remote surveillance, security, and environmental monitoring.

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Optical Tracker for Chilean Navy

The PTU-D300-ISM provides a stabilized, high-performance pan-tilt tracking mount for situational awareness aboard an Ocean Patrol Vessel (OPV). The system incorporates day light and thermal cameras and operates in the harsh deck environment of a navy vessel.

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Electro-optical Surveillance and Deterrence: Lasersec

Lasersec, a manufacturer of high-power, non-lethal laser systems based in Finland, has developed an award-winning system for mobile threat detection applications. SeaLase II is a multifunctional electro-optical system designed to detect, identify, and deter the approach of potential threats.

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