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Ruggedised Joystick Controller for Pan and Tilt Units



  • Smooth, precise control of position/speed with non-contact joystick
  • Solid metal enclosure can be table or bulkhead mounted
  • Solid and vibration tolerant for vehicle mounted applications
  • Pass through of PTU power for simplified wiring
  • On/Off control of PTU power
  • Fully sealed for outdoor/marine applications (IP66)
Ordering Info: Part No. PT-DCJ


The PT-DCJ is a rugged joystick/controller for FLIR MCS pan-tilt units. The PT-DCJ provides a plug-and-play solution for manual control of FLIR MCS PTU-D100, PTU-D300, PTU-D47/48 pan-tilt models. The metal enclosure, non-contact joystick, and sealed design provide an ideal solution for harsh vehicle environments including ground, sea, and airborne applications.

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  • PTU-D47/D48 (payload up to 12lbs, 300°/sec pan, 60°/sec tilt)
  • PTU-D100 (intelligent pan and tilt unit, payload 25lbs, 90°/sec pan, 90°/sec tilt)
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Datasheet (PDF 149KB)


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